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We know each of our applicators.

They are selected, trained & regularly audited by Sentri Tech.

They trust BATS.R

CTBA+ certification

Present and prescribed on the market for more than 60 years, the CTB-A+ service certification allows both professionals and individuals to be assured of a quality service.

Through regular site audits, the auditors of this certification ensure and certify the commercial ethics of the company, the technical competence of the operators. They also ensure the compliance of the service with the technical requirements and compliance with health and environmental requirements.

More than 120 companies are certified on French territory (Metropolis and DOM).

CTB-A+ certifies the competence of companies providing services into:

  • Protection of new buildings against termites
  • The curative treatment of wood implemented against insect and fungus pathologies
  • Maintenance and beautification of outdoor woods.