The Sentri Tech trap method

eliminates termites

Sentri Tech not only repel termites but permanently eliminates colonies.

Do you suspect termites to be in your house?

Termites are often confused with other wood-eating insects.
These 3 signs will allow you to identify on your own and before contacting a professional if you are in the presence of these little bugs.

Termite morphology

There are 3 types: workers, soldiers and winged termites.
These are dark brown or black. These are the ones you might encounter. The others only live underground or in the shadow of their damage.

Mud tubes on the walls

If you see these cords along the walls of your home, especially indoors, you know there are termites. They appear to be made of clay and are dark brown in color.

Typical damage

The wood may sound hollow when tapped. The floor or ceiling is sagging. The wood is crumbling or the paint is chipping…

The trap: the treatment to get rid of colonies

Following the research of Corteva AgriscienceTM, the SENTRI TECH method uses a cellulosic material acting on the 6 species of subterranean termites present in metropolitan France (Reticulitermes sp.), and on tropical termites in Guadeloupe and Martinique (on Heterotermes sp. and Nasutitermes sp.), Réunion (on Coptotermes sp.) and Guyana (on Heterotermes sp. and Coptotermes sp.).

As the Sentri Tech method acts only on termites, without affecting the living environment of the inhabitants, it is therefore not necessary to leave your home during a Sentri Tech curative treatment.


CTBP+ Certification

The baits used by SENTRI TECH are certified for use in mainland France (Reticulitermes sp.), Guadeloupe and Martinique (on Heterotermes sp. and Nasutitermes sp.), Réunion (on Coptotermes sp.) and Guyana (on Heterotermes sp. . and Coptotermes sp).

Excell+ Label

According to the analytical protocols, the EXCELL laboratory certifies that the formulation of the baits used in the SENTRI TECH process is compliant and can be used in places where air quality is essential:
The tertiary sector: shops, offices, health, schools, nurseries, collective infrastructure for sports, leisure, transport, hotels and restaurants, and all public buildings.
• All the living rooms of the habitat.
• The agri-food sector and everything related to health and organoleptic aspects, in particular wine cellars in particular wine cellars

SARP OSIS Waste recycling

Complete management of waste by SARP OSIS, with total traceability and treatment in a certified network that recovers energy.

Use an authorized Sentri Tech applicator
to eliminate termites


The Sentri Tech treatment is implemented by a certified termite control professional who has followed theoretical and practical training.

Global player
in the fight against termites

In the termite bait market, Sentri Tech is present in North America, South America, the Caribbean, Asia Pacific and Europe.

63 authorized

These termite control professionals are at your service in mainland France and the overseas departments.

How does the intervention of a Sentri Tech applicator take place?

First visit

During the visit, the Sentri Tech Applicator checks the whole house, both inside and outside. This diagnosis allows to determine with certainty whether or not there are termites in the building and/or around it.

Personalized analysis

If the presence of termites is proven, the Sentri Tech Applicator then carries out a personalized analysis, allowing you to establish a precise estimate which takes into account the surface of the building to be protected.

Installing the device

As part of the installation of the Sentri Tech device, the Applicator has Sentribox stations inside the building (which remains habitable) and SentriSol stations outside the house. These stations contain the high-density cellulosic material and are placed at strategic crossing points, allowing the elimination of the termite colony.

Periodical check and maintenance

Periodical control and maintenance of the device is carried out by the Sentri Tech Authorized Applicator, until the termite colony is completely eliminated.

Annual follow-up

After elimination of the colony of termites, an annual control of the device is carried out.

Contact the nearest
Sentri Tech certified applicator

We know each of our partner applicators. They have been selected and trained by Sentri Tech and are regularly audited. They are picked
and trained by Sentri Tech and are regularly audited.


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