Eliminate termites
from any building
efficiently without constraints serenely

The cellulosic support present in the stations is consumed by worker termites

Worker termites bring cellulosic support back into the colony

The entire underground colony of termites is thus eliminated

The effectiveness of our treatment anti-termites is proven


In the termite bait market, SENTRI TECH is present in North America, South America, the Caribbean, Asia Pacific and Europe.

40,000 households protected

In France, the SENTRI TECH anti-termite method has made it possible to protect thousands of homes from termites.

63 authorized applicators

These termite treatment professionals are at your service everywhere in France.

25 years of experience

Present in France since 1997, SENTRI TECH is a benchmark in the anti-termite treatment market (4th generation formulation).

Why choose Sentri Tech?

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Your house remains habitable

There is no need to leave your home during a SENTRI TECH termite treatment.

Our applicators are trained and certified

Authorized Applicators of SENTRI TECH termite treatment undergo theoretical and practical training, and are regularly monitored and checked.

Periodic check and maintenance of the device

In the event of proven consumption, the cellulose anti-termite support is renewed so that the device always remains at maximum efficiency.

Guaranteed elimination

Elimination of termites is contractually guaranteed

Why choose Sentri Tech?


Frédéric - Tarn

Maire d'Eus Pyrénées-Orientales


Secured the sale of her home following a termite invasion.


Has protected her home from termites.

Paxkal, Pays Basque

One minute to understand

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What are the areas at risk and are you concerned?
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How do termites live and what is our method?
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What are the signs of a termite infestation?

See if you live in a termite infested area

With this interactive map, find out if your home is located in an area where termites are present. To do so, simply indicate your place of residence (region, department or city).

Like more than 40 000 French households since 1997, use the Sentri Tech anti-termite method to protect your home

Contact the nearest
Sentri Tech certified applicator

We know each of our partner applicators. They have been selected and trained by Sentri Tech and are regularly audited. They are picked
and trained by Sentri Tech and are regularly audited.


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