Often invisible damage

Termites are no longer confined to their forest habitat. They attack trees and houses discreetly to cause colossal damage to your home.

Termites are on the rise in France

Termites are progressing. Relentlessly emigrating to the North and East of France, conquering new territories with a single objective: to feed themselves. Their presence can lead to the damage or even the destruction of our heritage, from rural areas to urban environments, from roadside trees to city buildings, from public buildings to residential pavilions. Their main feature: discretion.

Termites are hard to detect

Invisible enemies, termites progress in the dark and cause interior damage that is difficult to spot from the outside. For example, they can attack a skirting board and just leave the paint layer on the surface. Therefore, when they are discovered, it is often too late…

Termites consume dry wood in strips, in the direction of the fibers, without rejecting sawdust. Most often, the trace of their passage is then indicated only by ventilation holes as small as a pinhead.

Damage without your knowledge

Termites can therefore continue their work out of sight… until complete destruction: framing of the house and equipment, including materials that they do not consume, but which they cross without hesitation to reach the cellulose. It is therefore not only the wood that they damage, but also the plaster or even electrical sheaths! And all this without your knowledge!

Logically, the fight against termites must therefore be based on prevention.

When you live in a termite region, you should anticipate their arrival. The SENTRI TECH HD method thus offers active monitoring aimed at eliminating the colony of termites.

Prevention is better than cure…

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