Termite control, a matter of professionals

It is often impossible to detect the presence of termites on your own, especially during the first phases of invasion. When living in a region where termites are present, it is therefore advisable to be very vigilant, to entrust the termite diagnosis and monitoring to a trained and qualified professional. This is the only way to ensure effective termite elimination.To contact the termite control specialist in your area,

Termites, an invisible presence

Termites fear light. So they proliferate underground… or in the heart of your home. Invisible, the colony is difficult to detect, and the damage is often well advanced when we finally notice their presence. There are thousands of workers already at work when you decide to take matters into your own hands. On top of that, be aware that the law requires you to be efficient… and transparent. Indeed, since 1999, the legislators have adopted a series of measures to fight against the scourge. Each owner who has discovered the presence of termites must file a declaration at the town hall. Objective: better knowledge and publication of termite zones.

Détection et élimination par un spécialiste Detection and elimination by a specialist

To get rid of termites in dry wood, the SENTRI TECH method makes it possible to simultaneously detect and eliminate termites. It must be implemented by professionals officially trained and authorized in our method. These “applicators”, specialists in anti-termite treatment, hold the SENTRI TECH certificate, issued after theoretical and practical training.

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