Termites, the clues that should alert you

Termites are underground insects. They never point the tips of their jaws outside. They much prefer damp places without natural light. Thus protected, termites are very difficult to detect. However, some clues and damage may catch your attention ; and these signs may suggest that termites are attacking your home. If this is the case, an anti-termite treatment carried out as soon as possible is to be considered, otherwise your house will be devoured.

The wood sounds hollow

Well-sheltered from outside light, termites consume the wood from the inside. Thus, a beam may appear to be in good condition, when in reality worker termites have dug galleries in it, leaving nothing but a thin layer of wood. However, when tapping on it, a hollow sound may occur. It is then possible that the wooden part in question has been damaged by termites.

Wooden doors open and close poorly

This difficulty in opening or closing frames is of course valid for your wooden windows. Indeed, while patiently feasting on the wood, the termites produce excrement which ensures the creation of the humid and warm cocoon. Except that this mass ends up causing the wood to swell…

Cracks in door frames

Any doorframe is likely to become a perfect food source for termites. Rendered structurally less solid due to the attack it suffered, the frame will then tend to crack. This observation must alert you.

Ventilation holes on the walls

When the tunnel gallery is not visible and is located inside a partition, a wall, a ceiling or wallpaper, the only clue attesting to their existence is the presence of ventilation holes the size of a pinhead.

The broom or the vacuum cleaner goes through a skirting board

If you have this bitter experience, it’s a safe bet that termites have begun their destructive work in your home. Impeccable from the outside, your skirting board is in fact completely destroyed and a very small pressure is enough to pierce it.

Any home located in an area declared to be infested with termites should be subject to increased surveillance. And it is the owners who must take care of it. For this, an annual anti-termite diagnosis is necessary. It can be carried out by specialists: SENTRI TECH Authorized Applicators. They have all the skills required to carry out inspections. And these will reveal, or not, the presence of termites in and around your habitat.

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