How to eliminate termites?

How to eliminate termites in your home? This is the question that anyone faced with this problem asks. Among the many methods to get rid of termites, there is the anti-termite treatment by SENTRI TECH baits, implemented only by specialists trained and approved in the fight against termites. To find the SENTRI TECH anti-termite treatment applicator nearest you, click here.

SENTRI TECH, a termite elimination method

Is your home infested with termites? Or do you have doubts? Are you looking for an effective anti-termite treatment? Discover the SENTRI TECH method.

Termites can cause irreparable damage if you don’t act in time. Termites don’t work alone. It is a question of apprehending these xylophagous insects in huge numbers. Indeed, a colony of termites consists of several tens of thousands of individuals. And these invaders are not content only with wood, but also with all materials based on cellulose, paper, plasterboard, and even electrical conduits.

Launched in France in 1997, the SENTRI TECH method therefore uses a cellulosic material acting on the 6 species of subterranean termites present in metropolitan France (Reticulitermes sp.), and on tropical termites in Guadeloupe and Martinique (on Heterotermes sp. and Nasutitermes sp.), Réunion (on Coptotermes sp.) and French Guiana (on Heterotermes sp. and Coptotermes sp.). This method is implemented by SENTRI TECH approved specialists.

SENTRI TECH how does it work?

Termites are already there? So, if you are the victim of a termite invasion in your home, it is better to act immediately. To get rid of termites, the SENTRI TECH method uses Sentribox casings for the interior of the building, as well as SentriSol stations for the exterior. They contain the high density cellulosic material and are placed at strategic points allowing the elimination of the colony of termites.

Do you live in a termite zone but you are not yet invaded?

The SentriSol stations, containing the High Density bait, are then placed around your house, thus forming a “protective barrier”. If termites approach, they will consume the cellulosic material and the colony will be contaminated. In case of proven consumption, a SENTRI TECH Applicator renews the cellulosic material so that the device always remains at maximum efficiency.

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