Mandatory termite diagnosis

In 1999, lawmakers adopted a series of measures to fight against termites more effectively. This is proof of the extent of the national nature of the problem. Parasitic status report to be attached to the deed of real estate sale, obligation to declare to the town hall, right of injunction from mayors to have a termite diagnosis and/or anti-termite treatment carried out on a property… Termites are closely monitored.

The parasitic state for the protection of new buyers

More and more often, new owners were complaining that the home they had just purchased was infested with termites. As a result, one of the objectives of the law on termites, passed by the French National Assembly in June 1999, was to protect property buyers.

In article 8, it encourages the seller to provide a parasitic state of his property. This parasitic state is carried out by a company with no relation to any treatment activity. In the absence of this document and in the event of infestation, the warranty for hidden defects is applicable. Compared to the date of the agreement to sell or the date of the authentic deed of sale of all or part of a constructed building, the parasitic state relating to the presence of termites must have been established for less than three months.

Greater information

No more burying your head in the sand! The law also aims for better knowledge and publication of termite-infected areas. This way, each owner discovering the presence of termites in his house must make a declaration to the town hall. For its part, the municipality has the duty to collect information and make it available to citizens.

Increased municipal power

In addition, prefectoral decrees will further formalize the location of termite areas. In these areas, the obligation to treat rubble and demolition materials should reduce the risk of contamination by budding.

Municipal by-laws will also indicate termite areas. They will also set the limits of the authority of the mayor in terms of injunction of diagnosis and/or treatment. Indeed, in the collective interest, lawmakers have provided that the mayor can oblige an owner to have his property diagnosed. And, under other conditions, to have it treated.

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